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Moving lvm-thin volumes on proxmox between vm-s or ct-s

it’s pretty straight forward following this official howto: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Moving_disk_image_from_one_KVM_machine_to_another lvs shows you all volumes in their volume group (in my case ‘ssd’) If the id of the new ct or vm is not equal to the id of the volume’s previous attachment, rename them, i.e. lvrename ssd/vm-101-disk-1 ssd/vm-117-disk-2 this will make vm-101-disk-1 available as vm-117-disk-2,

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Upgrade Postgresql from 11 upwards

On Ubuntu 18.04 Multiple installations (11, 12, 13) be wary of that, as pg_upgradcluster for example will always go for the hightes version. copied configuration files for new version initialized new version db stopped the current server and killed all connections ran checked upgrade with linked files had to fix diverse configuration file problems that

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