Author: Andreas

Some reminders for http caching

blatantly copypasted from No-cache means “do cache” Caching has never been easy, but HTTP cache headers can be particularly confusing. The worst examples of this are no-cache and private. What does the below response header do? It looks like this means “don’t store this response anywhere”, right? Hahaha no. In reality, this means “please

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SpinRite 6 on external Toshiba usb disk

AFter 827 days of running time my RaspiBlitz BTC lightning node refused to mount the external hdd (Toshiba HDTB410EK3AA Canvio Basics, USB 3.0, 1TB). Smart errors of the weirdest kind. I remembered Gibson’s spammy advertisements during the Security Now! Podcast, praising SpinRite for recovery. As there was no physical damage / interaction that would have

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run openvpn in client mode automatically after linux boot

scenario: send out a raspberry pi model b rev1, all setup with raspberryi os / raspbian. the hardware specs are nothing much, but the machine is reliable, even when apparently half the ram chips are dead…. install openvpn, then take the config file from the server you want to connect to – in my case

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